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What people want

Motivation for Joining a Volunteer Expedition

The motivation behind joining a volunteering expedition varies, however the most commonly cited reasons include;
What People Want

  • Making a difference
  • Contributing to the betterment of the environment
  • Personal development
  • Traveling with a purpose
  • Experiencing new places off the tourist route
  • Cultural immersion
  • Stepping out from your comfort zone
  • Affordable and structured travel
  • Educational advancement (course credits and training)
  • Career development / building your resume
  • Making new friends and meeting different people

Volunteer Market Share by Activities

Volunteer Market Share

RAW Volunteer Activities

Conservation – Marine Conservation;

  • PADI training
  • Underwater surveying
  • Underwater mapping and biodiversity counts
  • Environmental education

Conservation – Marine Resources Management;

  • PADI training
  • Fisheries research and data collection
  • Study indicator species
  • Design, build and monitor F.A.D.s

Conservation – Marine Mammal Conservation;

  • PADI training
  • Water and Land based marine mammal counts
  • Marine Mammal behavioural studies

Conservation – PADI Training and Marine Archaeology;

  • PADI training to Divemaster
  • RYA Power Boat handling training
  • Underwater surveying skills
  • Artefacts recording and data management

Community – Water, Sanitation and Education;

  • Undertake needs assessments
  • Design and build construction projects
  • Undertake community outreach education programs
  • In field data collection

Community – Children’s Orphanage;

  • Assist with construction of improved kitchen facilities
  • Help Improve on site health and hygiene
  • Assist in increasing safe drinking water supply at orphanage
  • Organise and assist with children’s events
  • Work as classroom assistant
  • Teach music and the arts

Community – Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture;

  • Community development research and needs assessments
  • Assist with building fencing and water catchment
  • Undertake soil improvement project
  • Assist with sales, marketing and bookkeeping

Conservation – Terrestrial Conservation;

  • Desnaring
  • Animal care
  • Biodiversity counts and animal monitoring
  • Specialist lecture and guided tour program

Conservation – Terrestrial Resources Management;

  • Assist in construction of sanctuary infrastructure
  • Develop and manage alternative charcoal project
  • Undertake tree planting program

Conservation – Human / Wildlife Conflict Community Support;

  • Undertake water and sanitation construction works at local school
  • Assist with adult / child reading club
  • Set up environmental after school kids club
  • Assist with fundi training class

Conservation and Community – HARD CORE RAW;

  • Community research and data collation
  • Surveying and mapping of park and infrastructure
  • Building and infrastructure construction
  • Assisting specialists with animal reintroductions
  • Set up reforestation nurseries
  • Develop alternative charcoal bricket micro business
  • Work on community education and training programs
  • Work on anti poaching education initiatives
  • Wildlife monitoring and desnaring work