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Our Team
Ranjit Sondhi: Co-Founder

Ranjit has 30 years experience working in travel and tourism, working as a marine and safari operator for adventure travel in eastern Africa. He is a pioneer of scuba diving expeditions off the coast of east Africa and also inland safaris to remote, off-the-beaten-track areas.

For many years he has been a developer of remote camps and hotels across east Africa in Kenya, Tanzania and the Congo. Ranjit discovered the reeds of Pemba island and introduce studies of the different dolphin species in the Pemba channel. Through his company he organizes bespoke tours to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Rwanda and Uganda for individuals and groups – these range from camping tours to high end safari lodges.

He brings to RAW his vast experience travel logistics, property management and regional specialist operators.

Ulrike Sondhi: Co-founder & Head of Volunteers

Ulrike spent 20 years working with Lufthansa, and since 1993 Mombasa has been her base and the place she calls home. She combines many years experience in hospitality and logistics with her intimate knowledge of the various projects we run and support to act as our moral compass. In other words, she makes sure we always act ethically either as a team or through our choice of partners and how we support them.

When she’s not keeping us all in check she oversees our Shimoni boats and volunteer transport. Having been intimately involved with the development of one of RAW’s original founder companies, The Manta Resort on Pemba Island, which involved shuttling across the Pemba channel both day and night she understands the logistics of marine work, safety concerns and logistical implications of supplying remote locations. She is also an active volunteer and fundraiser for KSPCA in Mombasa.

She formerly trained as an assistant vet in Germany at the University of Frankfurt.

Joshua Elloga: Operations and Logistics Manager

Joshua has been in the safari business for 20 years. Starting as a costing and tour organizer he was able to visit many of the parks in east Africa over the years and gain invaluable logistical and product knowledge of most parks in Kenya and Tanzania. He trained as a tour planner with the prestigious UTALI hotel school management prior to joining One Earth Safaris, where he worked closely with the setting up of the scuba diving side of the business, also managing the offices on Zanzibar Pemba island and at Shimoni.

He has also been the manager of Shimoni Reef, and knows the area intimately. When One Earth initiated its first Gap year operations in Tsavo, Joshua was behind the scenes making sure that our supplies, food, drivers and finances to keep the show running was always in check. His understanding of logistics, calm management of situations under stressful situations and popular demeanour with guests makes Joshua our front line representative for our volunteers.

Emma Tyrrell: International Coordinator and Project Manager

Ambitious, hardworking and dedicated, Emma brings to the team a number of skills which include project management,coordinating, producing, scriptwriting and excellent research skills. Emma is educated to Masters degree level in Natural History Documentary film and has worked for various Production Companies including the BBC Natural History Unit UK, National Geographic Asia Pacific and the media department within Greenpeace Asia Pacific.

Emma has extensive travel experience all over the World, covering most of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the USA. She has project managed for many conservation charities and has worked with very well known people in the industry including Ian Redmond OBE, Sir David Attenborough and Jane Goodall.  Emma has worked for major Conservation and Natural History events throughout the World including Jackson Hole Film Festival in the USA and the World famous Wild Screen Festival, UK.

Emma is passionate about conservation and has been involved in a number of various campaigns including the Ivory Trade and the Bush Meat trade in Africa. She is adventurous and takes a keen interest in Natural History, Her next adventure for conservation is travelling to Uganda to film endangered primates (Highland Gorilla and Golden Monkey). Emma is also an avid diver, with multiple certifications including underwater Videographer.

Issan Misbah: Wildlife Consultant

Issan is a Syrian immigrant to Kenya, arriving here as a sailor in 1980. He founded and ran the most popular surfing school in Mombasa, whilst leading part time safaris as a guide. During this time he became a close acquaintance to the late Dr. Kashmeri, one of Kenya’s most influential wildlife vets, joining him on many expeditions. He was made an Honorary Game Warden by Kenya Wildlife services, before going on to found his own safari lodge adjacent to Tsavo national park in 2000 which he managed with his wife. While there he set up a wildlife orphanage within his 5000 acre reserve called Sagala.

Cherie Schroff: Head of Cheetah Project

Cherie Schroff holds a Master’s degree in Animal Ecology and has worked as a large cat field biologist, since 2002. She first arrived to Kenya in 1992, as an undergraduate student from Boston University, where she studied the Massai giraffe on the Athi Kapiti Plains. Following graduation she was employed by the US National Park Service, where she monitored black bears and worked at as naturalists in Yosemite National Park for three years and later as a feline veterinary technician, in between temporary wildlife jobs in South Africa.

Inspired by an orphaned and domesticated cheetah which she grew to know for six months while studying in Kenya, she eventually obtained positions with Shambala Private Game Reserve, monitoring cheetahs, lions, and other local predators, many rescued from local ranches where they were being prosecuted, and Cheetah Outreach rehabilitation and education centre, as a cheetah co-handler and conservation education assistant. Longing to return to Kenya, she attended a carnivore conservation workshop in central Kenya in 2005 and soon after landed a position as an assistant on the Mara Cheetah Project.

As early as 2008, after visiting Tsavo yearly, she began the proposal and planning of a long-term research and conservation program within the Tsavo ecosystem. The Tsavo Cheetah Project commenced in late 2011 in affiliation with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). In the USA, the project works in partnership and under the fiscal sponsorship of Felidae Conservation Fund.

Sammy Katana: Volunteer Representative, Shimoni

Sammy joined us in 2008 as a assistant to the chef for our volunteer program in Sagala neat Tsavo. He is from Kilifi district at the coast and had some rudimentary training as a kitchen helper. He soon proved to be very competent as a store keeper as well and was promoted to manage several functions including supplies, store keeping and moved out the kitchen. He was transferred to Shimoni, where he also took up an accounting course and over the years has become the acting manager for Shimoni Reef lodge.he acts as a lion with the KWS marine wardens for our visits to the marine park and manages the boat crews in their daily work schedules.

His huge smile and responsible attitude has made him very popular with all guests and volunteers in shimoni and a source of dependability.