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What is RAW?

RAW stands for “Reef and Wildlife”. We are a Kenyan based company with a head office in Mombasa and field bases on Pemba Island, Tanzania, Shimoni and the adjoining Tsavo East and West National Wildlife Park.

With 30 years commitment to marine research and exploration stretching from Mombasa to Tanzania, RAW has had a long and successful track record of investing in marine and land conservation projects with previously funded projects including: Spinner Dolphin Migratory Patterns, Whale Shark Migrations Projects, Manta Ray Behavioural Studies, Studies in Seaweed Farming for Fishing Communities, Sustainable Fishing Program- Methods for Coastal Communities, Marine Park Surveys, Marine Archaeology- Pemba, Biodiversity Counts- South Coast of Kenya, Diver Training and Education Programmes and Agricultural Alternative Livelihoods Programmes.

RAW provides volunteer holidays, training and support for local conservation and community based projects in Tanzania and Kenya. RAW is a non political, none religious organisation.

RAWs core focus is in the marine and wildlife domain where our activities are supported by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

RAW works on short and long term projects in East Africa. We run volunteer working holidays from two weeks to three months assisting in vital conservation and community development projects.

RAW is proud to have built a wide range of programs bringing long-term benefits to both the environment and the communities we work within.

Who is Raw