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“Hard Core Raw”

HARD CORE RAW – Does what it says on the tin …..

This is an incredibly rare and unique opportunity to be involved on the ground with the creation and initial setting up of infrastructure for DRCs first ever wildlife private reserve!

Katanga province is located in the south of Congo; peaceful and economically vibrant it is
best known as the copper belt of the Congo. Bordering Zambia it is famous for it’s mining of
Copper and Cobalt….. and soon for its amazing wildlife reserve.

Volunteers must be hard working; mature, independent and able to self manage to a large
extent. A sense of humour will always help.

A RAW experience for the adventurous and passionate environmentalist – call us if you are
interested !

Project 11 – HARD CORE RAW, Katanga Province, DRC;

  • Surveying local communities and collating data on human wildlife conflict, poverty and employment, health and sanitation and deforestation / sustainable farming
  • Surveying and mapping existing and proposed infrastructure and roads.
  • Assisting with perimeter fencing construction.
  • Construction of initial buildings and structures including
    ranger huts, offices, storerooms etc.
  • Design and build environmentally friendly water and sanitation facilities (appropriate technology).
  • Constructing water pans for wildlife.
  • Mapping existing vegetation and documenting zoning patterns.
  • Assisting specialists with ascertaining appropriate wildlife species mix and numbers for reintroduction to the wild.
  • Set up nurseries for native species reforestation.
  • Instigate nurseries program for harvesting of fast growing timber for alternative charcoal production.
  • Design, implement and rollout alternative charcoal bricket micro business.
  • Designing and implementing environmental education program with schools and local communities.
  • Anti poaching education initiatives.
  • De- snaring and wildlife monitoring.
  • Assisting with ranger training programs including environmental education, H&S, first aid, management and security issues.
Hard Core Raw
Hard Core Raw
Hard Core Raw
Hard Core Raw
Hard Core Raw