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1: Work at a rural school, Voi

The New White House School was founded by Annedore Biberstein, who emigrated to Africa in the 1970′s from Switzerland. It is about 150 km from Mombasa and 10 kilometres from Voi, right on the main road Mombasa – Nairobi, very near where the Tsavo National Park begins.

In this region there are many small, scattered settlements where there are no schools. The few public schools there are mostly have overcrowded classes, where often a single teacher will have 100 to 200 children in a classroom. There is also few teaching materials and most families don’t have enough income to buy their children the necessary school supplies, stationery and school uniform. The New White House School houses 180 Children, some of whom go home with their parents each day, many of whom board, and some that are orphans.


Day 1

Pick up at Mombasa or Nairobi Airport

- Transfer to Lions Hill Lodge and check in.

- In the afternoon introduction to White House Academy by Annedore.

Day 2-13

-Location orientation.

- Initial training phase which will be determined by your skills and local requirement.

- Leading educational projects and games.

- Play sports and create art projects.

- Depending on your interest you can work on a variety of activities with the children,

- Help building a new classroom, brick making .

- Decorating classrooms and dorms.

- Improving the work situation by building rainwater harvesting system.

- Inclusive in this itinerary is on your weekend a 2 day visit to the Sagala Sanctuary guided by the local ranger who will explain how to take snares out, repair fences and help protect fragile wild habitats.

Day 14

Transfer to Mombasa or Nairobi Airport.


Volunteers will stay at Lions Hill Camp in shared accommodation


The cost for this project is £980 for 2 weeks and £1700 for 4 weeks. For longer stays please contact us.

Help in an orphanage in Mombasa

Founded in 2004, the Orphanage look after 59 children from Kenya’s second largest city, of whom 50 % are HIV positive. NExt door is a school where volunteers will also assist the teachers.


• Upgrade existing orphanage kitchen & drinking water facilities.

• Organise & assist with events & day trips at the school & orphanage.

• Assist in teaching music & arts alongside Kenyan teachers.

• Build rainwater harvesting systems & improved hand washing facilities.

• Assist with educational program on improved childhood health & wellbeing.

• Assist and support staff with day-to-day care of children at school & orphanage.

NB: A typical day start at 7am and finishes at 6pm


Volunteers stay at Tumaini Orphanage in their own volunteer apartment, shared accommodation


The cost for this project is £790 for 2 weeks and £1300 for 4 weeks. For longer stays please contact us.

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Volunteer in a rural school

Support local teachers

Experience moments you won’t forget

Make a difference in children’s lives

Help in a Mombasa Orphanage

Stay at our comfy backpackers