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Ranch Conservation


School teams will participate in clearing invasive scrub in designated areas on the ranch in order to allow the rejuvenation of the natural grasslands which wildlife are dependant upon for grazing. In addition water holes are being created for wildlife and high value indigenous trees are being planted which teams will assist with. The underlying essence of this activity is to assist with land rehabilitation for sustainable biodiversity conservation.

Accompanied by CWE Staff teams actively participate in hands-on conservation where their efforts are clearly visible. Opportunity to highlight the impacts and consequence of invasive plant species and deforestation to the environment, wildlife and local economy is a key objective. Ranch Conservation closely links Agroforestry training.


To increase visitor awareness and participation in sustainable biodiversity conservation.


  • To understand the importance of sustainable biodiversity conservation
  • To appreciate the importance of indigenous vegetation
  • To demonstrate that there are solutions to this global problem through sustainable biodiversity conservation
  • To link with link and compliment CWE Activities