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Coral Reef and Fish Monitoring

The coral islands and marine reserves around Shimoni are on our doorstep. The local fishing community and sport fishermen remain dynamic and the environment is full of marine life. Miles of amazing diving and snorkeling inside Kisite Mpunguti marine reserve are just a boat ride away, where 95% of visits include seeing and swimming alongside dolphins, turtles, snappers, rays and many of the most amazing fish of the Indian Ocean. The Shimoni area also has an interesting and rich history and equally interesting flora and fauna.

Programme summary

  • Coral reef surveying techniques
  • Mapping marine park and undertaking biodiversity counts / fish transects for Kenya
  • Wildlife Services (KWS) for inclusion in marine park management plan
  • Environmental education program with schools and local communities
  • For more in depth information on the programme click here



Volunteers stay within the compound of the beautiful Shimoni Reef Lodge in the” Coral House” – in shared accommodation. Meals are provided.


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