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Animal Clinic


Domestic animals are a critical source of livelihood and an intergral part of the social landscape in rural Kenya. Every domestic house will have some domestic animals. However, due to to poverty and a lack of access to medical resources, animals health is often neglected and conditions may not necessarily be entirely optimal to their welfare. Yet, by the same token it is apparent that owners in general have a strong bond to their animals.

During the Village Day activities, school teams will have an opportunity to experience first hand animal husbandry including caring for animals basic needs. In addition, treatment zones will be set up through the village where teams will assist the community and animal health workers to provide basic health treatment such as deworming and vaccinating. Teams will also participate in improving homemade enclosures.


To increase local and visitor awareness of and participate in basic animal welfare practices.


  • To provide basic health support for domestic animals
  • To raise appreciation for human dependence on animals
  • To raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare
  • To link and compliment MCP Activities