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Agroforestry Training


Trees play a crucial role in almost all terrestrial ecosystems and provide a range of products and services to rural and urban people. As natural vegetation is cleared for agriculture and other types of development, the benefits that trees provide are best sustained by integrating trees into agriculturally productive landscapes — a practice known as Agroforestry.

Through fun hands on participation school teams will learn about the importance of trees in conserving and sustaining the environment and livelihoods. Teams will actively engage in the preparation of tree nurseries, planting and identification. Moreover, through participation, teams will gain a basic understanding of different values trees have as part of the ecosystem and for sustainable livelihood protection.

As part of the overlying Biodiversity Conservation ethos, the focus on Agroforestry will enable school teams to learn through action about the interrelations within the environment and at an individual level, gain a sense of being part of their environment through simple actions like planting a tree.


To increase awareness of and participation in environmentally responsible behaviour


  • To stimulate interest for the natural environment
  • To raise an appreciation as to why trees are important
  • To raise awareness of threats affecting trees and forests
  • To emphasize the need for conservation and protection of indigenous trees
  • To link and compliment CWE Activities