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Join us for a unique chance to discover Kenya, connect with local communities and make a difference!


Most of our team was born in Kenya, and we pride ourselves on not just working with the community, but being part of it

A Memorable Experience with RAW

RAW (Reef and Wildlife) is a new volunteering organization, created by a group of Kenyans with decades of experience in hospitality and conservation. We work with trusted local partners to ensure meaningful experiences for volunteers and valuable support for vital projects. Meanwhile our background running hotels and tour companies ensures you are well looked after.

We offer projects helping rural communities, and in land-based and marine conservation. All are available individually or in various combinations, giving you an unrivaled chance to experience the best of Kenya in one trip.


Explore our projects

Community-based volunteering

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Whether you volunteer in a local school, or in a rural orphanage, we ensure that you are supporting local people, complementing their skills while gaining unique experiences.

Work in local communities

Land-based conservation


We partner with a local cheetah conservation organisation to provide the necessary research and information to support the preservation of Africa’s most endangered big cat.

Support key wildlife work

Marine-based conservation


The reefs we work on are some of the best preserved in Africa. We work to keep them that way, while developing sustainable livelihoods for the local people.

Help preserve coral reefs